Future Plans

RELIEF FROM INTOXICATION Often truck drivers fall prey to harmful drinking habits while on the road. Being away from home, they are influenced easily and feel attracted towards alcohol. And this is a problem that chases them all their lives. Agarwal Packers and Movers provide a unique solution to this problem. The “Nasha Mukti” campaign under the Driver Seva Kendra helps the drivers to give up alcohol. This is done through various mediums like showing documentary films, educating them about the sufferings of their family members because of their addiction problem. Hence, Driver Seva Kendra is going to be the shrine for truck drivers.

BENEFITS FOR SOCIETY/COUNTRY Mr. Ramesh Agarwal came up with the concept of Driver Seva Kendra with a vision to create ‘a home away from home’ for the truck drivers while they are on the road. Mr. Agarwal understood the problems being faced by the drivers and wanted to create a transit home for them, a place where they could rest and feel at home. On 6th September 2012, in Jaipur (Kishangarh) highway - NH-8, which witnesses over 23,000 heavy vehicles on a daily basis, the first Driver Seva Kendra was inaugurated. The inauguration ceremony was a huge success, where the drivers felt privileged as they were welcomed with a lot of respect and their stay ensured that they feel pride in themselves.

Mr. Ramesh Agarwal’s initiative is such that it aims at empowering the youth, so that they feel pride in what they do. Soon, after watching the success of such an initiation, those days are not far when drivers of many other transport companies and heavy vehicle manufacturing companies will walk with their heads raised high and tell everyone with pride in their hearts that they are commercial drivers and they play an important role while contributing to the industry.

BENEFITS TO STATE GOVERNMENT Air and water mark the sign of life, and the place where trucks and truck drivers stop takes form of a “Logistics Park”. A typical Logistics park constitutes of the loading and unloading of goods, storage transshipment centres, truck repair workshops, automobile showrooms, sale and purchase of old vehicles and bank loan facilities. The Driver Seva Kendra also serves as driver training institute where a number of people are trained to drive. On an average, one such Logistic Park is capable of extending employment to over 5,000 people and generating an income in crores.

DRIVER IS A FIERCE SENTINEL The way to the Driver Seva Kendra is marked with hoardings with inspirational slogans from at least about a kilometer away for the drivers. Mr. Ramesh Agarwal recognized the drivers as the internal soldiers of the country, who run the finance of the country, hence, they serve the country and their safety is of utmost importance. They sacrifice so much for the country; their life expectancy is about 10 years less than the common man. And it is important to give them their set of respect and place in the society.

The Driver Seva Kendra also includes – maintenance workshops, tire shops, lubricant shops, cinema halls, phone facilities, banking facilities, ATMs, mobile/cable/internet connections, motels, hyper market offerings. In another 6-7 years, Agarwal Packers and Movers plans to open about 10 more Driver Seva Kendra and hopefully by then other companies from the industry will also join hands and even the government will contribute in creating havens from truck drivers on transit.