Why Driver Seva Kendra ?

A truck driver shoulders an unbeatable pressure and responsibility of the goods in the truck that deprives him of proper sleep, due to which a restless driver ends up losing his precious life in road accidents. We analyzed this problem and took a step forward to bring down the death rate by providing them adequate sleep in a secure environment. DSK is an initiative for the betterment of the driver’s society and the drivers are given necessary ...

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Paon Dho Kar Swagat:

To make the truck drivers feel respected and important, Kendra welcomes the drivers ...
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Free Ambulance Seva

24*7 access to medical facilities with the help of a mobile ambulance ...
and more!
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Sleeping/ Resting Rooms

Drivers owe a responsibility to the valuables in the truck unless they deliver them safely
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Free Shaving/ HairCUT

Due to long routes of travel, drivers do not get a chance to take even a...
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From the Chairman’s Desk

With an initiative to do something for the drivers of the country, we brought in the Driver Seva Kendra for the Indian truck drivers in the year 2012. Being in the logistics industry for the last 27 years, I could closely feel the pain that these drivers go through. They are deprived of the basic necessities even when they spend ... read more

            - Ramesh Agarwal
News / Activity
Mr. Ramesh Agarwal Presenting the driver seva Kendra book to the then President of India- Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil.

APML Receives appreciations and recognitions from “Meri-Dilli” newspaper on taking an initiative for the drivers as a CSR.

“Dainik Jagran” announces the initiative of APML (DSK) on making an official announcement about the inauguration of DSK.

The Pioneer feels privileged to announce the grand opening of DSK; an initiative as CSR.

DNA India appreciates and congratulates Mr. Ramesh Agarwal on his Idea of DSK as a CSR.

The Agarwal Family visiting Pratibha Devi Singh Patil; the then President of India, for appreciations and wishes.

Mr. Rajender Agarwal Washing the feet of the drivers at DSK. After all, Charity begins at home.
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