APM Driver Seva Kendra to Ensure Safety of Truck Drivers!

Sleep deprivation and stress are the two prime factors which lead to fatal road accidents by truck drivers. For survival of Indian truck drivers, Shri Ramesh Agarwal has taken an initiative by building an APM Drive Seva Kendra at National Highway 8. This Seva Kendra provides an environment to them, where they can sleep peacefully and get benefit of all the basic facilities like laundry, health check-ups, barber, and wash rooms etc absolutely free of cost.

Truck drivers been abused regularly!

In this video, it is clearly seen that how brutally the policeman is beating him just because he is a truck driver. They should not have any rights to beat them like this even when they’ve done something.

Frequent harassment seen to truck drivers!

Humanity is completely vanished and you can assert it from this video. A truck driver is harshly beaten up by a policeman instead of handling him patiently; he is being threatened and mistreated by him without any reason. There are incalculable drivers who suffer from such kind of behavior daily.

Injustice seems every other day to the truck drivers!4

In this video, a truck driver is trying to commit suicide just because of wicked behavior of the policeman. The policeman snatched his license and other documents along with the some cash and this is not the first time he is suffering from such kind of behavior, they are getting tortured every other day. He is not the only victim, there are number of truck drivers who have been mistreated like this everyday.